I’m Stephanie, an introverted twenty-something who loves exploring and adventuring! Thanks for stopping by my page!


So what is this blog really about if it’s a lifestyle blog?

Like it says, this blog is about my life. It’s about how we paid off over $165,000 in student loans in 4 years. It’s about our crazy adventures and travels! I started this blog to share my life with you. Hopefully, you will love reading about it. I love the outdoors and adventures. If you ask my husband, he will tell you I am always suggesting a new place for us to explore or travel to next. Finding cheap deals and sales on travel is how we are able to go so many places. In my opinion, don’t wait… Do it now! If there is somewhere you want to go, find a way and go!

Originally this blog was a finance and lifestyle blog. However, the only thing I know about finances is how we got out of student loan debt! We are pretty good with money, but I can only write about money so much! So I switched. Just lifestyle. Just writing what I know about and what I love to do. I DO NOT believe that every blog has to have a niche. I believe in great content that helps people to live their best and most adventurous life!



I started this blog to tell people how we paid off our student loan debt. My husband (B) and I racked up massive debt going to college. $165,000 to be exact. We both went to a private university in Southern California and were in their nursing program. I graduated a year before B, and started immediately paying off my loans. It was sooo overwhelming the amount of money I had to pay each month. Also, add in paying for our wedding! Yikes!

Once we got married and had two incomes, we knew we needed to figure something out. So within 4 years after graduating, we paid off all our student loans! We have no other debt, and have started a lifestyle that will lead us towards financial freedom. I would love to share that with you and walk with you to figure out the next steps! Read my finance posts for anyone who wants to get out of debt, learn how to make a budget, or just wants encouragement. I love budgeting and finding great deals!

B and I also love to travel and vacation! When you are both nurses working 12 hour shifts, you NEED vacations and relaxing time off! So finding good deals for awesome vacations and adventures is something I LOVE. Whether it’s camping, hiking, quick trips to different states, or vacations out of the country, I love planning the whole thing! Hopefully my ideas about places to go and how I plan our itineraries helps you to plan a wonderful vacation or adventure. I love writing about where we have been and the fun activities we end up scheduling.


Follow along with me on my journey. It’ll be a crazy one!


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