This is a personal blog, written and edited by me. I started this as an outlet to share with people how my husband and I got out of debt/ death by student loans! And to share about how we save money to travel and go fun places.

In order to make some extra pennies to pay off our loans, I became an affiliate. That means that if my blog posts contain links to products, or ads, I may be paid for them.

I’m not awesome yet, so I don’t get any freebies from any companies. If you know a way to do that… Let a girl in on the secret! =]

HOWEVER! Any product that I link to is something that I have bought, used and loved!  If I have a link to a product, it’s because I have used it and want you to know what it looks like. I will never link to a product that I have not used or did not like. If I didn’t like it, I will tell you that before I tell you which one I did like! Haha. I will always be honest in my reviews of products.

If you want to buy the products that I advertise, GREAT! But I will never try to sell you anything.

PRIVACY POLICY: I will never use or sell anyone’s personal information!

So there you have it! If I like something, I’ll share it with you. If you like it, then great! If not, then great!